Dr. George Michael


George Michael Selisky was born to Russian nobility long before Lenin, Stalin, and communism took over his beloved land.  His mother was an opera singer with incredible floor-length hair.

As a child, he would watch his mother and his aunts brush out their hair magnificent manes and create intricate updos before entertaining their extravagant halls.  But, the Russian revolution soon caught up with them and George’s entire family was killed by the ruthless Stalin.  Somehow, young George was the only one escape.

George attended medical school and was drafted into the Russian Army.   He moved up to lieutenant commander and then became a major at the age of 23.  But George was captured by the Nazis during World War II and spent two years as a prisoner of war in a Nazi concentration camp.

American troops eventually freed George and he decided to move the United States with just the clothes on his back.  It was at this point that George Michael Selisky decided to drop his last name.  he also decided to use his medical training to help women around the world grow the beautiful long hair he had seen destroyed during the war.

Dr. Michael enrolled in beauty school and was told that as a doctor, he was much too overqualified to work on women’s hair.  he persisted, however, graduated, and rented two chairs at a New York City salon.  He developed his own system, based on medical science, for growing and maintaining beautiful healthy long hair.  In time, he had made enough money to buy his own salon.  Dr. Michael’s empire has grown ever since and today, there are over 2, 000 salons around the world dedicated to his system of long hair care.

“Age is irrelevant.  With long hair, a woman’s beauty is timeless.”
~Dr. George Michael

In Loving Memory of Dr. George Michael Seliski