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Brightening Shampoo
Super special formula makes silver hair more vibrant and gives over-bleached hair a more natural, healthier look.

Moisturizing Shampoo
Rich moisturizing shampoo is formulated especially for dry, damaged hair that has been robbed of essential moisture. Restores life and lusture to your hair.

Cream Shampoo
A gentle, creamy shampoo that actually pampers the hair. The peach colored, creamy formula cleans gently and thoroughly without stripping the hair of its precious natural oils and without leaving a build-up on the hair. This mild shampoo was especially formula for long hair and works on all hair types.
Please note: when washing, shampoo should always be lathered twice and rinsed well. Available in Men’s

Blue Shampoo
A special formula for oily, limp and very fine hair. This shampoo removes residue from conditioners and hair styling aids. It is best used alternately with the cream shampoo.

Cream Rinse

A lubricating, creamy lotion used after every shampoo which allows the comb to glide through wet hair. It brings the hair back to its natural acidity state and makes hair softer. This product is so effective and concentrated that a little goes a long way. If used on dry hair from the roots to the ends before swimming in a pool, it is an effective way to protect the hair from the effects of chlorinated water.

60 Second Conditioner
An easy to use, creamy formula that protects hair during winter months from dryness and the effects of harsh weather conditions.

12 Minute Conditioner

A deep conditioning formula for summer use that helps protect your hair against the sun’s damaging rays. If used on dry hair fromthe roots to the ends before swimming in the ocean, it is an effective way to protect the hair from the effects of salt water. If put on dry ends right before shampooing, it protects ends without over-conditioning.

Instar Body Building Spray
Gives fullness to fine, limp and abused hair. This water-soluable spray can be used as a setting lotion and styling mousse as well as a hairspray without the alcohol. The proteins contained in this mild body-building spray are closely related to the structure of your hair.

Styling Gel

Specially designed to provide super control for all hairstyles. This innovative formula contains a special conditioner to give your hair more shine, lusture and life than ordinary gels or mousses.


Special formula removes knots and tangles on dry or wet hair. Does not have to be rinsed out. It eliminates static and cuticle damage leaving hair shiny and healthy looking.

Frizz Away & Hair Shine
Stop Frizz – Add Shine – Without Grease.

Special light and clear formula for all types. Adds exceptional shine and lusture without the heavy pomade look or feel. Eliminates static and frizzies.

Face and Skin Cream
Rich moisturizing treatment provides precise balance of hydration and protection. Sweet almond oil, lavender extract, vitamin E, and carrot oil are among the key ingredients that work to repair and smooth the texture of your skin. Elegant bottle and applicator pump.

Detangler Comb

(Ivory) IV-#116
Sturdy, extra wide teeth make this comb ideal for use after washing extra long hair or to detangle thick or wavy hair when dry.

Madora Detangler Comb
(Tortoiseshell) Wide Tooth – TS-#59
This Detangler Comb, with medium spaced teeth, has been a Salon favorite for many years .

Madora Purse/Pocket Comb
(Tortoiseshell) TS-#56
Ideal for travel and “lifting” your hair-do.

Fine Hair Detangler Comb

(Tortoiseshell) TS-#47
This Fine Hair Detangler Comb can be used before or after washing.
Teeth vary from 1 1/2 to 1 inch.

Madora All Purpose Styling Comb
(Tortoiseshell) TS-#31
This comb is perfect for use with our All Purpose Styling Brush.

The All Purpose Salon Styling Brush – APSB
This compact, all wood brush with 100% Natural Bristles is another Madora/George Michael salon favorite. Ideal for fine hair and styling all lengths of hair.